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Miss USS Model

Have a unique look and can own the runway?  Need a pageant WITHOUT
interview?   Then this pageant is for you!  
You do not have to compete in
the United Southern States to participate.  In addition, contestants from all States can participate!  

Our USS Model Program is open to all States!



  • Must be four years old or able to walk the runway without assistance. 

  • Must have excellent moral character.  

  • Participants from a state that has a state director must go through the state director to enter. 


  • There is NO interview competition!  

  • 50%:  Runway walk (black leggings and black t-shirt that we provide.  

  • 50%:  Runway formalwear.  

Age Divisions: 

Ages are as of July 1 of the current year. 

  • Jr. Young:   Preschool-Kindergarten

  • Young:  1st-3rd Grades

  • Preteen:  4th-6th Grades

  • Jr. Teen:  7th-9th Grades

  • Teen:  10th-12th Grades

  • Miss:  18-27 Years

  • Ms.: 20+/not married/can have children

  • Mrs.: 20+/married/can have children

  • Mrs. Elite:  40+ plus, can be married or single with or without children.

Prize Package

  • MISS USS Custom Crown

  • Beautiful, embroidered Model USS Sash by Christine Warren

  • USS Model Scepter

  • USS Model  Custom Bear

  • Reigns with Miss USS queens

  • Modeling opportunity throughout the year.  

What is the cost to enter? 

  • Cost to enter as a contestant at large (not participating in Miss USS):  $795

  • Cost for Miss USS State Delegates:  $295


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