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Pre-Teen Miss

For contestants that are in the 4th-6th Grades 



Formal Dress (40%)
Contestants in the fourth grade through sixth grades are required to wear a full-length, formal dress of their choosing. It's important to note that the judges won't be evaluating the gown itself, but rather the overall appearance, taking into account the contestant's look, how well the dress fits, and if the color suits them. Full Makeup is allowed for stage competitions, however; should be age appropriate.  The stage will be setup runway style. 

Introduction (30%)
Contestants in the fourth through sixth grades will appear on stage in opening number attire.   Contestants will introduce themselves and include one fun fact.  Judges will be evaluating contestants based on their natural beauty and enjoyment during the competition.  Is the contestant having fun?  This category will take place right after the opening number. Each contestant will have a maximum of 20 seconds for their introduction.

Interview (30%)

Contestants will have the opportunity to speak with the judges There won't be any difficult or tricky questions asked. Our judges are warm and friendly and just want to get to know the contestant better. During the interview, it will be conducted privately and in a panel format. Contestants are free to choose whether they prefer to sit or stand during this interaction.   Dress should be a dress or pant suit with casual makeup is allowed for interview.

Sample questions:
Pre-Teen(2 minutes):

  • For Preteen & Jr. Teen Miss:
    - What is your favorite school subject?
    - What do you find most rewarding about  
      participating in pageants?
    - Where is your dream vacation destination?
    - How do you like to spend your free time?

Competition Scoring

Age Criteria

  • 4th Grade

  • 5th Grade

  • 6th Grade

Contestants will compete in the grade that they are attending in the Fall of the competition year. 



One overall National Pre-Teen Miss Queen will receive: 

  • Official, unique USS national crown

  • USS Rhinestone embroidered sash by Christine Warren

  • USS Scepter

  • USS Earrings

  • USS Teddy Bear with matching crown and sash

  • USS Rhinestone suitcase by Marc Defang

  • USS Rhinestone backpack by Marc Defang

  • USS Rhinestone cup

  • USS Rhinestone crown box

  • USS custom parade banner

  • USS jacket by Frilly Lilly's Boutique

  • USS Title Tag (Rep your reign)

  • Rose Bouquet

  • Invited to a Royalty Cruise

  • Photoshoot with Queen B studios (Alabama)

  • Royalty breakfast following the pageant for contract signing.

  • USS personal autograph cards

  • Special gift during Christmas

  • Special gift for birthday

  • Memories that will last a lifetime.

Alternates and State finalists will receive a trophy and USS Teddy bear with crown and sash.


LOTS of ways to win! 

Additional titles:
America's Miss USS (Talent)  

Miss USS Model 


Additional competitions:

Miss Photogenic

Portfolio Award

Academic Award

Spirit of Pageantry Award

Spokesmodel Award

Interview Award
President's Volunteer Service Award

Community Service Award
Audience Favorite
Miss Congeniality 

What are you waiting for? 

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