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Eva Davey

The National Pageant is set to take place on Labor Day weekend in the stunning city of Nashville, Tennessee! Early check-in will begin on Thursday, August 30, 2024, with mandatory check-in on Friday, August 31, 2024. We are thrilled to announce that we have ninenational title holders, each of whom is guaranteed an extraordinary experience.

Teen Miss Age Divisions:

Miss USS National Teen                   

            10th-12th Grades

Miss USS National Jr. Teen               

               7th-9th Grades

Miss USS National Preteen             
4th-6th Grades

Young Miss Age Divisions:

USS National Young Miss

            1st-3rd Grades

USS National Jr. Young Miss


**Preschool contestants that are able to walk on their own may compete in the Jr. Young Miss Division if they are age 3 and above.

Miss United Southern States Age Divisions:

Miss USS:  Young women between the ages of 18 and 27 who are either currently pursuing higher education or have recently graduated within the last year.

Ms. USS:  25+ Not married but may have children.

Mrs. USS:  25+ Married may have children.

Elite Ms. USS:  40+ Married or single, with or without children.  

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