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Extraordinary Miss 

For extraordinary contestants from 4-100! 


Age Criteria

  • Ages:  4 and up!

  • Extraordinary:  

    • Physical​

    • Developmental 

    • Psychological 


Our extraordinary are our favorite contestants!  ! They are the shining stars of our competition. During our final show, our in-person event will honor and celebrate these exceptional individuals.  There is no actual competition.  Each queen will be presented with a well-deserved awards package on stage. 

Competition Scoring

What are you waiting for?
Register today!  Be sure to choose Extraordinary so you are not charged an entry fee.  



Our Extraordinary Contestants will receive: 

  • A Miss America style, round crown

  • Embroidered sash

  • Dinner ticket (optional)

  • USS Teddy Bear with matching crown and sash

  • Our extraordinary contestants are often sponsored.  We will update the prize package as we get closer to nationals! 




We are not going to question whether your child, grandchild, friend, or event adult is eligible.  If your child fits the criteria for special needs services, then you qualify. 
Please know that the contestant is recognized with a crown and sash without entry fee.   Parents and family and friends that attend the pageant will need a ticket to enter the show, as well as any other activity that is a charged event for other parents. 


Can't attend?

Have an extraordinary contestant and can't attend?  No problem!  Parents of extraordinary parents in the south will need a sponsor - parent, grandparent, friends, family, or business.  

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