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When & Where

The Location

Pell City is a beautiful City in St. Claire County, Alabama which is located 30 minutes from Birmingham and 20 minutes from Talladega.  Pell City is less than 2 hours from Atlanta, Georgia. Why Pell City?  Our emcee, our photographer, and our vendors are all from this area!   They are the reason this pageant is fabulous.  We also love the setup of the venue and that the fees to rent are donated to a non-profit organization.  

Central Alabama Center of Performing Arts
25 Williamson Drive
Pell City, AL  35125



The Hotels

All events other than check in will be held at CEPA, so you can stay at any hotel in the area that you want.  Most hotels are in Pell City side by side, so you can travel from each.  We are happy to book the hotel for you.  If we book, we will book the Comfort Inn.   This will also be where our judges and vendors will be staying. :) 


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