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All contestants should be born female, and have an affiliation with the State that they represent. 
Contestants through the Teen title should be never married or given birth to a child.   This puts the contestant at a different maturity level than a standard, teen contestant. Immediate family of the pageant staff are not eligible to compete. Contestants will compete in the age group they are in the Fall of the current year.   Model America contestants will compete in the age group they fall in on January 1, 2024 (the year of their reign).  All contestants must be of excellent moral character to serve as a role model for our younger queens. ​

National queens will be photographed at 5:00 PM 
on Sunday, October 8.  
National  queens will have required appearances - Photo Shoot, NY Fashion Week, & Queen Cruise (unless they a have a valid reason not to attend).  We also ask that you return to crown your successor.
Queens are also required to maintain a social media presence.  
We begin purchasing awards for the contestant when she enters.  For this reason, there will be no refunds unless the event is cancelled. 
All photos taken during the event may be used for marketing purposes. 
Contestants should be of excellent character throughout their reign, and be  kind back stage.  Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.  This applies to both contestants and guests.   We reserve the right to ask any guest to leave without refund, and reserve the right to disqualify any contestant from this event or future events due to poor sportsmanship.
Our queens should be excellent role models to the younger queens.  
Queens should dress modestly when wearing their sash - no tube tops, short- shorts, or plunging neck lines. 
Our National Queens should primarily represent our titles during our sponsored events. Queens may take photos with your other sashes and titles, but if we are sponsoring the event, we ask that our title is the one primarily displayed.  This includes but not limited to:  modeling events, and our community service projects.  
Most important:  it won't matter to the judges if this is your only pageant this year, or if you compete every weekend.  They also won't be looking to see who is the oldest or youngest in the group.  We simply ask that if you compete for this title, that it is a title that you want to represent, and will wear the sash and crown proudly.

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