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This application is for contestant's that attends Pre-K (or is Pre-K age) through Miss.  For other applicaapplications, please visit the links below:

Wendy Smith


Who May Compete 

Contestants will compete in the age group that they qualify for as of January 1 of the competition year.  If the contestant has a birthdate between January 1 and the date of the actual competition, she/he may move up a competition division.

One overall winner per age session will be named, plus  specific age winners.  For example, in the 4-6 year old age group, one overall winner will be named (more depending on number of contestants) plus a 4-year-old queen and court, a 5-year-old queen and court, and a 6-year-old queen and court.  This applies to all age divisions.

Beautiful Baby Divisions will compete in beauty only and will be broken into 6-month divisions for age-division queens instead of one-year divisions.


Teen contestants must still be a high school senior.  If she has graduated and attended at least one semester of college,  she should move up to the Miss competition regardless of age.

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