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  • Each contestant will have their own link.

  • All donations that the contestant collects can be used toward that contestant's entry fee, optional competitions, toward photography fees, or toward hair and makeup, or can be donated to our designated charities for animal rescue.  Contestants may choose the percentage that is given to charity. 

  • Contestants may use all $$ earned toward their own expenses.  

  • At least $100 must be designated toward animal rescue to qualify for the America's Favorite Award. 

  • The contestant that donates the most toward animal rescue will earn the title in her division.

  • Service fees that we are charged to us will not be included.  For example, if $100 is donated, there is a small fee charged as a service fee.  Only the $100 be applied or donated.

  • Contestant must secure their own hair/makeup vendor.  We will however, pay this out on pageant weekend.

  • All fees designated for the contestant must be used for this pageant or donated to animal rescue.  We will not pay out cash for $$ received.


Double crowning


Yes! We will double crown this division.  Keep in mind that this is based on the $$ raised for charity. 


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