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We are a not-for-profit pageant meaning we charge entry fees to cover expenses.  Then, donate the profits to animal rescue.  We do our best to gauge the cost of awards and expenses to determine the entry fee.   

We take pride in great awards for every contestant.  We could not do this otherwise!  Each contestant will leave with no less than a crown and gift
.  Plus, we offer MANY ways to win.

Entry fees also pay for the facility rental, travel and expenses for judges, reigning quee
ns, and staff, prizes, staging, and administration expenses.

We do offer optionals, but every competition required to win the National title is included in the entry fee.

Required Fees through September 15, 2023:
Registration Fee ($25)
Half Page advertisement ($65) or upgrade to a full page advertisement for ($100)

Contestants appearing in the opening production is responsible for purchasing a discounted opening number dress specially designed for us by Marc Defang in our Barbie pink.



We take pride in offering an amazing prize package.   Every contestant will be recognized on stage with at least crown, sash, and trophy.  Please join us!

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