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Entry Fee

Cost to Enter

In person competition 4 years - Miss

  • $200:  Early bird special!  Claim through 04/01. This includes $100 discount! 

  • $250:  Discounted entry fee through 05/15.  This includes $50 discount.

  • $300:  Regular entry fee through 06/30.

Discounts available that CAN be combined and may be used through 02/15/2022:

  • $50:  ANY additional sibling

State contestants that entered a state pageant will  receive a discounted entry fee.   Please check with your State Director. 


We are a not-for-profit pageant meaning we charge entry fees to cover expenses.  Then, donate the profits to animal rescue.  We do our best to gage the cost of awards and expenses to determine the entry fee.   

We take pride in great awards for every contestant.  We could not do this otherwise!  Each contestant will leave with no less than a crown, teddy bear, trophy, and a sash.  Plus, we offer MANY ways to win.

Entry fees also pay for the facility rental, travel and expenses for judges, reigning queens, and staff, prizes, staging, and administration expenses.

We do offer optionals, but every competition required to win the National title is included in the entry fee.


Are there other required charges?

  • $25 entry fee (charged when you enter).  

  • One full page ($125) advertisement

  • Opening # dress (Marc Defang) if not already purchased at your State Pageant

  • T-shirt package.  We will mail this to you!  


Yes. For all in person events, we have an amazing photographer.  We will purchase your photo sitting fee for the photogenic and Miss Promising Model.  If you want these in in a digital format and State Photos, Wendy Smith will be selling these.

  • Photographs of the weekend ($100) 


We will create your own account and own page.  You can share with family and friends to donate!  Every dollar can be used toward your entry fee or any other fee for the pageant. 

You can also sell advertisements!  Full size, full color ads sell for $125.  For all advertisements you sell, $95 per page can be applied toward your entry fee or any other pageant fee.  This is minus the cost that it costs us to print the advertisement.  It costs us $30 per page to print.


Optional Competitions

These competitions have no bearing on the outcome of the pageant but offers contestants additional opportunities to win!

  • America's USS: a separate pageant with different criteria- Your choice of side competitions.  You will purchase these separately if you want to compete.  Compete in 3 or all 5 and choose the highest scores.

  • $35.  Side competitions each (not required)

  • $35.  Prettiest Overalls ($10 each or $35 for all)


We will award America's Miss USS on stage at the theatre.  We will award all individual side competition at Sunday morning's breakfast.  Prettiest overalls will be awarded on Sunday as well.  You must be present to win.  We will not mail prizes.

What is not covered?

There are no other sides offered at the door!

Clothing, hair and make up expenses, lodging,  food, transportation, etc.




We take pride in offering an amazing prize package.   Every contestant will be recognized on stage with at least crown, sash, and trophy.  Please join us!

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