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America's Miss USS

Cost to Enter

Offered in ALL divisions through 03/15/2021

  • $100:  Add on as a SECOND competition.

  • $300:  Compete ONLY in America's USS.

Discounts available that CAN be combined and may be used through 03/10/2022:

  • The only discount available for this pageant is a discount for competing as a second competition.  All contestants receive $200 off.


America's Miss United Southern States

Have talent, great in interview, and rock the pageant stage in Fun Fashion?  If so, you have what it takes to become the next America's Miss United Southern States!

This title will reign side by side with Miss United Southern States.  One overall winner will be named per division per division along with a grade level winner.  



The America's Miss USS is based on the following categories.  We will take your highest TWO scores to determine the winner. You can compete in two or three competitions.

  • Talent (less than 2 minutes)

  • Interview (private interview with the judges panel style)

  • Fun Fashion

The America's Miss title has no bearing on the overall outcome of the Miss United Southern State Pageant. This is a separate competition.  


Double crowning


Is this title double crowned?


No!  Although it is unlikely that the same contestant will win both, in the event that the same girl wins, this title will go to the next title in line.  The title of Miss United Southern States will be crowned first.

Can I enter the America's Miss competition without entering the Miss USS Pageant?

Yes, but there is no discount if only competing in the America's Miss competition.

Can I enter only this part of the pageant?


Yes, but there is no discount if only competing in the America's Miss competition.


Enter America's Miss USS

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