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Although we are new to pageantry in Alabama, we have been directing pageants for 25 years.  We have been affiliated with the Miss Teen America Pageant in some way since 2002 when Ashley won the Miss Virginia Teen America crown.  We fell in love with the system, and the values it instilled for our younger generation.   We have directed at the State and local level; judged at the national, state, and local level, and  all around love pageantry.  We still host our local pageant in our home town called the Wise Fall Fling which we take pride in as well.  This is our biggest pageant with 100+ competing each year.  The Miss Teen America System took a break to rebrand, so we moved to the United Southern States Pageant System.  
We will do our very best for each contestant to have an awesome pageant experience, and we have a fun year ahead of us.   It is more than a crown to us.  Our motto is "be your own kind of beautiful".  Judges will be looking for contestants that are truly authentic.  We will instruct them to look for confident queens, yet gracious, and queens that will make an excellent role model for their younger sister queens.  Last but not least, judges will be looking for queens that are  driven to follow their dreams.   Good luck to all of you!  We look forward to an awesome year!                          

Caryn Johnson:  Caryn is a mother of three:  Ashley & Devan, and step-mother to Sydney.  She resides in Athens, Alabama with her husband Rick and two dogs, a boxer named Barney, an Aussiedoodle named LoLa Lu, and a Yorkie named Jeep.  All are dogs that had issues or found themselves looking for new homes before joining the Johnson household.  Caryn's loves of her life are her grandchildren:  Baxleigh Jo, Ketron, and Kingston.  
Caryn has worked in the telecommunications industry proudly for the past 31 years.  Her hobbies include pageantry and graphic design.  Her passion is animal rescue.  We plan our pageants to break even, but in the event that we end up with a positive balance, all split funds between our local no kill shelters - HASRA (Heart of Alabama Save- Rescue-Adopt and the Limestone County Animal Shelter.
Caryn has her undergraduate in Psychology and Master's in Business Administration.  
Caryn looks forward to an awesome year with the new Class of 2021 Queens!                                                                

Ashley Camp:  Ashley is an educator.  She is proud to teach Math  and Science for Morgan County Schools.  She served as a Math Specialist for the University of Alabama of Huntsville in the 2020 year.  She is super excited to be back in the classroom in 2021.  She resides in Huntsville, Alabama with her husband Brandon, and her six rescue puppies:  Major, Maximus, Rocky, Atlas, Simba, and Surabi.   All  five are, or mostly are, German Shepherds.  Ironically, Atlas, Simba, and Surabi were found beside the road at different times, but all three are at least part German Shepherds.
Ashley's hobbies include Graphic Design, and crafting.  Most of our awards are crafted or designed by Ashley.

Ashley has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education, and a Master's in Educational Leadership from Western Alabama University.    

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